The right accomodation for all the people. Children are very much appreciated.
Familiar, personal atmosphere. Very reasonable prices.
Beautifully situated at the lake with terrace and stunning view over the Lago Maggiore.
Beach is located directly in front of the house.
Simple, convenient equipped: 7 rooms and 7 bathrooms.
Dining room with refrigerator for your own food.
Breakfast will be served. Big garden behind the house.
With our guests we like to be a „big family“.
Parking directly in front of the house.
25 Euro for person with breakfast.

For info
Garni La Scogliera - Contr. V. M. d'Azeglio 26 - 28821 Cannero Riviera (VB) Tel. e Fax +39 0323 788142  e-mail: